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Whether you want a short royalty-free song for your YouTube video or a longer track to publish on its own to Spotify, Soundverse lets you whip it up without breaking a sweat.

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Soundverse is an applied AI company shaping the next era of content, music and human creativity by building an audio creation platform powered by an AI Assistant.

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Key Features

AI Magic Tools

Using AI Magic Tools, you can manifest your creative dreams into tangible music. Forget about the complexities of music creation. Create your dream music piece with ease!

Use Magic Tools such as Text to Music, Filter to Music, Extend Song, Auto-Complete Song or Stem Separation.

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Soundverse Assistant

Forget the complexities of music interfaces. Assistant is your ultimate companion on your musical journey. We are building it in such a way that it’ll soon start understanding your intentions, your musical taste to get your stuff done.

We’re building the future of conversational creation. Assistant keeps the context of what you say. The more you speak to it, the more it understands you. You also don’t need to worry about which AI Magic Tool to select. Just set it to Auto and Relax!


Arrangement Studio

You’ll even be able to put together stems and loops to compose a custom multi-track song—no complex software required! Soundverse gives you everything you need to create segments for the intro, build-up, beat drop, hook, outro, and more.

With our tempo detection features, arranging clip becomes incredibly easy. Studio grants you unparalleled control over every element. Elevate your audio creation experience today!

arrangement studio

Who Is Soundverse For?

Soundverse is for Music Makers and Content Creators of all age and skill levels. Whether you want to make music to upload on Spotify, or simply add background music to your video content- Soundverse has it covered!



Easily create the ideal soundtrack for Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts. Input text prompts or select from filters like genre, mood, and instruments to tailor your music.

No more time-consuming searches for free tracks online – our platform offers customizable, high-quality music to perfectly match your video content.



Searching for the perfect intro, background music, or outro for your podcast? Create custom tunes that align with your podcast's narrative and style. No more relying on luck to find the right track.

With Soundverse, effortlessly craft a soundtrack tailored to your podcast's specific needs, enhancing your storytelling and audience experience.


Video Makers

If you're in need of an epic orchestral score, a cyberpunk-style soundtrack, or a soothing lo-fi beat to use in Youtube or Twitch, look no further. Forget about the hassle of searching for suitable music.

With Soundverse, creating the perfect track is effortless. Just describe your scene without using any musical jargon, and voilà – you'll get a track that flawlessly complements your visuals.

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What Our Users Say

Awesome! This is the best text to music AI generator I’ve ever tested ♥️ . First time I get a dnb banger using AI

Manfred Riegler

I am speechless the video blew my mind. I am familiar with many other tools like Riffusion, dance diffusion, jukebox and I use ai tools since a lot so this is extremely interesting to me.

Marcello Ruggiu (Aspiring Producer)

I'm a songwriter and singer with no experience in composition. This tool would help me immensely.

Abhishek Nagarkar (Singer, Songwriter)

I’m most interested in how soundverse can aid me in production to complete songs without the help of producers.

Chara Kai-Le Tan (Singer, Songwriter)

This is literally magic!!! Can't wait to test it out - it's an absolute gem for those like me, who struggle with finding a perfect supporting audio for their vids. Congratulations on the launch guys and all the best!

Dania (Design - True Nation)

This Al-based music copilot slaps really hard. Give it a try!

Anirudha Kadam

This is already awesome. The beta version I tried was generating music that's spot on, sticking to my prompts... Its potential is limitless.

Biju Neyyan isn't just good; it's mind-blowingly incredible! They've unlocked a new era in music composition and creativity. This isn't just a too.. it's a revolution. If you're a musician, producer, or anyone who's ever dreamed of making music effortlessly, is your golden ticket to musical paradise. It's time to embrace the future, and that future is

Aman Singh

Helps create much better music that are pleasing to the ears and is catchy for every generation.

Azi Endina

Very cool! What I could think of though, is using this as inspiration, and a sort of starting point when facing writer’s block. Can definitely see how helpful this can be!

Josh Yap

A good tool for getting inspiration and friendly price set, I'm willing to buy it for my hobby. Congrats on the launch and good luck!

Chris Lindner

Creator Partner Program

With our unique data attribution technology, you can earn with your existing music. We pay creators, when our AI uses your music. Would you like your sounds to be added to our model and earn extra cash? Click the button below!

Creator Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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